Booty Boudoir is my take on a sexy, self empowering day of glamour photography. The goal is to create a beautiful album as a gift, all while teaching self empowering photo tips. (For example: Where do you hold tension in your body?  here are 5 things to do to eliminate that in a photo)

Because some of the content on is PG+, you will need to confirm you are at least 18 before you look at the site.

If you are not familiar with this new trend in sexy portraiture, Boudoir is a French word whose original meaning was “pouting room.” and involves you wearing a lot less then your gown. Although boudoir is typically shot in the bedroom, my goal is to come up with creative ideas that are fun, fashionable, comfortable, and personal to you that you can then present to your partner later. If you have no intention on showing this off to your mate, why not celebrate your own form and life accomplishments with a fashion forward photo shoot that you will remember for a life time.

You will be shot in the privacy of your own home or my photography studio, and I will light and pose you both artistically and tastefully. Styled to suit what is uniquely sexy to you, many couples find this experience adds that special spark to their big day. Mini Photo albums make the perfect wedding night gift! Hair, Make- UP and wardrobe is not included but highly recommended. Our trusted all female staff "the Glam Squad" works together as a team to make you look natural- the goal is you on your best day- not a overly retouched centerfold.

If you are interested, I will be happy to work with you to suggest some tips for creating a comfortable and sexy look for you. Remember, not all of us feel comfortable in 80′s lingerie.  Our goal is to make this experience fun and empowering. Just email us for daily ego boosts!